This website is dedicated to the memory of my mother who was the victim of elder abuse for the last two years of her life.

The sound of my mother being verbally abused by my sister when she was trying to reach me on the phone and did not realize that my answering machine had picked up.

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The following morning, after receiving this message and determining that an emergency did not in fact exist (after calling back my mother and speaking to my sister later that afternoon) I arrived at my mother's house and found her abandoned by my sister who had left for Binghamton around 8 PM the previous evening. I made a simple repair to the heating system while my wife fed and cleaned up my mother (who I found had been sitting in her wheel chair in a badly soiled pull-up at her kitchen table all night).

Looking around my mother's house I was appalled to discover the following conditions:
1) A flimsy home-made plywood ramp siting precariously on cinder blocks.
home-made ramp

2) A ratchiting chain fall installed over the toilet in the bathroom.
chain fall1

chain fall2

3) Some type of  "INVACARE" lift in my mother's bedroom.

4) Some type of strange religious writing painted in large letters on my mother's bathroom wall.
writing on wall