This is what mom's house use to look like before my sister resided it against my mother's wishes. (see the main (HOME) page for more info)

My mother and father loved the classic Greek Revival Colonial theme of their home and in fact had spent much additional money to preserve it's architectural appearance and features when they first had to have it sided in the later 1960's.

That's all destroyed now, my sister cared nothing for my mother's wishes and with money stolen from my mother resided the house "her way".  I wish my mother hadn't had to live to see it happen but she was daily reminded of what she lost for the last year of her life.

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This is the condition we found my mother's house in after my sisters abruptly left, just before my mother was due to be discharged from Seaview Rehabilitation Center.

My sisters must have been looking for something, and evidently they found and removed whatever it was they were after and absconded with it to their respective homes in Florida and Binghamton.