Correspondence from Mom

Above you see a letter to my wife from my mother written in a birthday card in her own hand.  This demonstrates the close and loving relationship my wife had with my parents for the entirety of our marriage.

Directly above you will see the last card/correspondence (January 2015) that I received from my mother while she was rehabilitating at Seaview Rehabilitation Center.  Shortly after this was written my sisters convinced (or coerced) my mother to make them her sole health care proxy even though neither of them lived anywhere near Staten Island and neither of them had been caring for her since my father's passing in 2008.  This letter is an accurate portrayal of the relationship we (myself and my wife and children) had with my mother up until the time that my sisters manipulated my mother (through fear and verbal intimidation) to give up control and decision making over her own life.

Directly above you will see the cards sent from my mother to my sons (her youngest grandsons.  Obviously we all had wonderful close relationships with my parents (see family photos page).

It should be noted we never received another card or letter from my mother once my sisters took over her care and made life extremely difficult to visit her or even talk to her on the phone.

UPDATED - July 2019

Since my last update I have located the following:

The above letter demonstrates that my mother (and father) entrusted the administration and care of the property she co-owned with my sister (in upstate New York) to me and my family.
My mother had paid for the purchase of this property with her own funds (my sister contributed nothing toward the purchase) and my mother was paying the taxes on this property for a period of 10 or more years.
My mother feared that the property was being neglected and damaged because she saw a photograph of the collapsed barn and asked me to investigate and report back to her. (Which I did.)

Above you see an anniversary card hand written from my mother (and father).
This only serves to further demonstrate the loving trusting and close relationship my wife, my sons, and I maintained with my parents throughout their lives.